Tim Lee
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Tim, I'm arranging for a group to come see you in Atlanta at the end of Jan '16... can you tell me if your show is kid friendly? Thanks!

Tim Lee responded on 01/07/2016

Everyone has a different standard about what is appropriate for their kids so I can only offer guidelines.
I don't use foul language during my act.
Kids are welcome.
Having said that, a lot of my humor goes over the heads of little kids.
Hope that helps!


Any chance of seeing you in Mill Valley (Throckmorton Theatre w/ Mark Pitta)? Also, you seemed kinda nervous at the Tedx talk. Be confident! You're hilarious!

Tim Lee responded on 10/08/2015

I was just at the Throckmorton September 29th. It's one of my favorite places to perform! :)
Thanks for the compliment!


When you going to be near Washington State?

Tim Lee responded on 07/03/2015

It looks like I'll be up there in December.


Do you ever have performances in/around Chicago? Midwesterns like science jokes, too.

Tim Lee responded on 05/19/2015

Yes, I do. Last year I was at Northeastern Illinois University. If you sign up for the email list I'll let you know the next time I'm in town. :)


When are you coming back to Florida?

Tim Lee responded on 05/14/2015

I'm not sure yet.


Hello Tim, Have you ever performed at the Cambridge (Mass.) Science Festival? I've seen your video on boomerangs. Have you done any other videos on science in sports and games? I'm trying to promote this as a way to understand basic physics (sportscience-kathy.blogspot.com). I just heard about you a couple of days ago and look forward to seeing you sometime in the Boston area.

Tim Lee responded on 04/04/2015

Hi Kathy,
I haven't performed at the Cambridge Science Festival. I'd love to see it someday.
I perform in Somerville once a year. I should be back in 2016.
I'd like to put together more science of sports videos but haven't had the chance to yet.