Tim Lee

REALLY looking forward to seeing you next Thursday at the Improv in San Jose.

While I was working at Apple (1990-1997), I was moonlighting on occasion as a standup comedian…local clubs, and one special Apple Communications Meeting where I stood in front of 5,000 Apple employees (live, plus more on satellite) and shared my thoughts and impressions (yes, I did impressions) of John Sculley (CEO) and Michael Spindler (President) as they stood backstage and "took it". It was GREAT fun!

I've stuck to the Engineering track (currently I'm Director of Quality Engineering for Akamai Technologies), but believe me…I understand and applaud your decision to re-orient your career vector!



Robert B. Neville

Tim Lee responded on 11/15/2013

Thanks Robert. I applaud you for surviving the Sculley years at Apple!

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