Tim Lee

I just saw your 1/25/14 show at the Atlas in DC but wasn't able to ask you this after the show (had to leave promptly afterwards). By chance did you do the voice in the Washington Post radio advertisement advertising their jobs section? (the one where the 'announcer' is talking about the Jobs section in the Post and says "here's one for a radio announcer" and then as he reads it he realizes that it's talking about him and goes on to show how they don't need another announcer via demonstrating his own 'range'? If not, you two could be voice doubles (it's a funny ad, so if you wrote it - kudos). I really enjoyed the show! Glad you career shifted - the world is a better place because of it. Becky Deku

Tim Lee responded on 01/26/2014

Unfortunately that wasn't me. It sounds like a funny ad!

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